Market research "Green investments"

The second year in a row climate change and environmental risks related have been called by participants of the World Economic Forum the main danger menacing to sustainable development of the world economy. In December, 2015 Paris climate agreement was approved mainly due to arrangements between the world's largest greenhouse gases emitters— China, the USA, Russia and the European Union. This unprecedentedly empowerment of the Agreement has led to the world`s shift to a low-carbon economy and new technological lifestyle. Formation of the green finance market has become the economic answer to climate and environment challenges.

The Fund`s specialists have studied global analytical materials of the international expert organizations and have prepared green finance market research. It is obvious that development of responsible investment practice will have significant effect on the west oriented Russian companies with listing on the foreign stock exchanges. At the same time, besides the expenses for the need to be in line with the new market realities, this provides opportunities for the involvement of robust

investors focused on long-term investments and the improvement of internal companies` processes thus providing increased operational efficiency and sustainable development.

Our studies are assisting companies to build effective engagement process with legal authorities, partners, media and clients.