Afforestation near Zvenigorod

In October, near Zvenigorod the volunteers engaged by Russian Carbon Fund restored four hectares of the forest which was destroyed by bark beetles.

Afforestation near Hlyupino village in Moscow region, has been organized by means of the aluminum company Alcoa. More than 90 volunteers took part in this environmental event.

They were given pre-instructions by Hlyupinsky forestry workers and the head of the GAU MO "Centrleskhoz" Zvenigorod branch Sergey Sarmin. They were also showed how to use the equipment and plant young trees.

After being instructed the volunteers formed couples and started their activity with really inspiring modern music. For lunch they had buckwheat with vegetables accompanied with monastic pies and tea. As a result, in five hours 16 thousand two-year pines were planted and 4 hectares of the forest were restored. In several years they transform into a coniferous pine forest which will help to make air in Moscow area cleaner as well as promote Earth’s climate protection