We are the first generation that feels the effect of climate change and the last one who can stop it!

Земля на фоне колец Сатурна из дальнего космоса, съемка зонда Кассини
Земля на фоне колец Сатурна из дальнего космоса, съемка зонда Кассини

This is confirmed by the majority of the world`s scientists. The Fund`s mission is to foster the growth of Russian economy in harmony with nature and humanity. Invented by the best minds of the world, this concept is called sustainable development.

We should realize that all of us are passengers of a spaceship called The Earth. Our small spacecraft is flying to the end of the universe, while the population of the planet is increasing and the resources are being depleted.

We should learn how to use and distribute the goods that we have efficiently, so that there is enough for our children and grandchildren. Natural resources do not only consist of oil and gas. Nature's gifts include clean air, potable water, pastures and forests, which used to be considered infinite and free.

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The Fund`s key areas of activity are environmental education for adults and children, volunteering activities on restoration of natural heritage and support for innovative sustainable projects.

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If you want to join the leading environmental community and take part in the Fund`s projects — just fill in the application, and we will be pleased to invite you to our events.

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Russian Carbon Fund urges the authorities, business representatives and society to join efforts for the sake of clean future of Russia and the whole world. In accordance with its mission, the Fund helps to achieve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Цели устойчивого развития ООН
Цели устойчивого развития ООН

We are looking forward to establishing trustful and fruitful relationships with new partners and are constantly seeking environmental projects which allow to save and improve the environment. Feel free to send us your offers and ideas and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities of our cooperation.

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Global warming can turn out to be a catastrophe for the whole world. The temperature will increase by 3-4 degrees C by the end of the century which will lead to the extinction of more than a billion of different animals and plants, sunken islands and coasts, widespread viruses and mass migration. Russia is heating up 2,5 times faster than the rest of the world.

Visit Climate Russia – Russia`s first mass media about sustainable development and green technologies - to learn more about climate change and the ways of stopping it.

Our articles are written by the leading journalists, climatologists and economists. By reading these articles, you will learn how one the most threatening phenomenon of the planet looks like and what measures Russian Government, business and society takes to prevent the catastrophe and save the environment.

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