The fund as the partner of the movement of ecovolunteers of Moscow #МосЭко!

Together with the colleagues from RosEco and other environmental and volunteer organizations the plan for the formation of the capital’s unified ecovolunteer community #МосЭко has been developed!

On December 26 at the Youth parliamentary center at the Ecovolunteers’ Forum #МосЭко was officially presented. The meeting was very informative and sincere. There were lots of representatives of various organizations, groups and movements united by their efforts for nature conservation and protection.

What is planned for the next year:

- The launch of the Movement’s portal with the useful information about available volunteering programs and environmental events in the area;

- A number of workshops for ecovolunteers;

- "Action days" on various topics: cleaning of waste, separate waste collection, volunteering with animals, ecoeducational actions and many other things.

"The #МосЭко project is a new platform for the implementation of the projects on improvement of our environment. Now every person can suggest any idea and it will be considered", – the coordinator of the movement #МосЭко Anna Nafiyeva.

Muscovites, regardless of age, gender and religion are welcomed to join the movement.