First two independent climate programs joined DAO IPCI Blockchain Ecosystem

Chooose AS and GeoCapita join efforts with the Russian Carbon Fund to facilitate their climate programs and operations in DAO IPCI blockchain ecosystem:

  • Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Douglas Prentice, CEO of GeoCapita, a group of companies involved in developing, and co-developing with partners internationally, resource and environmental efficiency projects. The aim of the agreement is to develop climate change mitigation projects, instruments and trading platform in DAO IPCI ecosystem.
  • Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Gaute Gamst, CEO of Chooose AS, which started the foundation to help each and every one of us entirely remove our carbon footprint, and more (climate positive!). Chooose’s purpose is to buy and delete climate quotas, EU Allowances in particular, in order to constrain European carbon market and accelerate “the green shift”.
  • DAO IPCI blockchain solution introduced with support of Airalab provides for global climate activities to be public, transparent, fraud and manipulation-proof, overreaching barriers.
  • Agreements were signed following DAO IPCI team presentation at World Bank powered Innovate4Climate finance and market week.

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