Since 2011 Russian Carbon Fund has been supporting Russia`s efforts in addressing climate change issues, mitigation measures development and sustainability projects implementation. We meet recognition and approval by the government and local authorities.

The Fund`s goal is low carbon economy development which will boost infrastructure investment in Russia and enable the country to compete with the leading ones. We help create efficient natural resource management system for the sake of wealth and wellbeing of the citizens all over Russia.

The Fund unites best Russian and international experts possessing long experience and rich background. We help achieve goals set by the President and Government of the Russian Federation by the following means:

  • GHG emissions and reduction potential assessment, low carbon strategy development
  • Regional GHG emissions regulation system development in accordance with the Russian Federation Presidential Decree and Regulation of the Government
  • Regional green economy program development including renewable energy, energy efficiency, organic agriculture, sustainable water and forest management projects
  • Regional investment program development for raising green finance both on internal and external markets
  • Holding forums, conferences, round tables and other events with participation of the best Russian and international green economy experts, business leaders and authorities.

We invite you to hold a discussion on green economy development of your city or region. Together we will build a strong economy in Russia, save our natural heritage and provide wealth for the citizens!